Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
of the
American Conservatory of Music.

Artificial Intelligence is a buzz word that has been in the sights of many computer scientists since the early 1950s. Since that time, many notable developments have occurred in the field; some good; some not so well implemented. At the American Conservatory of Music, we are working to expand on the ever increasing work done in artificial intelligence and to make real contributions towards this goal. If you would like further information about how you can become a part of this outstanding research in our virtual artificial intelligence labs which know no physical boundaries and knows no fixed physical location, please inquire by sending an email to ai at americanconservatory dot edu.

The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is a resource-intensive open compute cloud which fosters work accomplished in the symbolic manipulation of knowledge by implementation of the algorithmic inventions of its researchers who develop code, under the direction of Conservatory faculty, that serves to increase cognitive abilities in a plethora of creative applications of ai-based functions and routines. The music of the mind is the next big step towards realization of better algorithms that implement artificial intelligence in a manner not unlike M-5 (the Multitronic computer developed by the fictional Dr. Daystrom in Star Trek, the Original Series, but without M-5's flaws).

As our researchers develop progress in the field, and write research papers about their work, they pave the way for the exchange of knowledge in a spirit of collaboration. This represents a methodology for advancing the base of technologies that permit artificial inelligence to go from initial experimentation to a fully-matured technology that serves a useful purpose for future end-users of expert systems based on arrays of connected functions working; just as the computer on the Enterprise said, "Working..."

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